Tiny vblog feat. Faye Blais

This was too sweet to not post… enjoy! 

Faye Blais’ tiny vblog while currently on tour in Canada.



Monday and I’ve got my chill on

Monday and I’ve got my chill on.

Phay, melodic and ambient collection of songs from Soundcloud.

Australian born, raised by wolves, based in Berlin.

Here’s a feeebie remix from Pilot Darcy… bring a smile to your face!

Pilot Darcy

Tammy-IngramThis is Tammy Ingram, a song writer who’s lyrics are infused with intelligence, quick wit, keen observation and moody metaphors delivered in indie-folk stylings.

“Jealousy” the premier acoustic song from Ingram’s stunning recent release “LOVE WAR” gets an 80’s funk electro work over by Sydney’s Pilot Darcy.

As promised, over the next number of weeks, you can download free remixesor songs by Sydney’s musical aviator Pilot Darcy. This one is wrapped up in a warm dry blanket for your lovely ears while you hide indoors from grey sky tears:


And if you find yourself hooked on Ingram’s delectable vocals then jump on her site to find out about shows and purchase the smooth and sexy new album “Love War”: http://tammyingram.net

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Heartwarming treat for a cold winters night…

Sometimes I sit in the office putting tour plans or festival apps or even a press release together and while doing this discover something a little spesh. So this one I just had to share with you! It’s a neat live recording of one of Faye Blais’ older songs all the way back from 2011, called Canvas. But not only is the visual composition of an intimate performance engaging, it is the superb yet simple musicianship of Blais with the talented April Maze. See for yourself and I am sure you will agree it’s melts the winter chill off anyone’s heart.

All the single ladeez….

Speed Dating for ladeez and trans!

Speed Dating for ladeez and trans!

That’s right ladies, we’re back! Us ladies from Chicks with Picks and Yes Ma’am once again bring you Sydneys most fabulous ladies/trans only Speed Dating night One Night In… LADYLAND! Sat 18th May 7pm – 9.30pm!!

We’ve moved to a fabulous new location in Enmore (Vic on the Park Hotel) and we are ready and raring to introduce you to your next love/hookup/fling etc!

Let your inhibitions run wild as you meet and greet with some of Sydney’s loveliest ladies and for the shyest of the bunch, have no fear! The entire thing is masquerade themed to let you flirt in style and with confidence.

We’ve streamlined our registration process so all you’ll need to do on the night is present your ticket and we’ll give you your registration number, so make sure all the info that you enter when purchasing your ticket is correct. We’ve also taken on your feedback from last time and will be ensuring that age groups are evenly distributed, and have a new match selection system to maintain your privacy when nominating matches while dating.

Buy your tickets here: https://chickswithpicks.ticketbud.com/one-night-in-ladyland

Ticket sales will end at 9am on May 18th. TICKETS WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE ON THE NIGHT.

NOTE: By purchasing your ticket you are providing permission for LADYLAND to pass your email address and contact number to any matches that you have on the night. Your details will NEVER be passed to anyone whom you have not selected on your form or anyone who has not selected you.

MKB Deliver the Goods and Get Shot!

The rain had set in but the punters didn’t shy away. By the time Maxine Kauter Band hit the stage the venue was feeling warm and cosy with a bunch of dry bodies anticipating the show.

Speck had already set a sweet vibe with gorgeous songs delivered confidently by Zoe Vaughn and Brian Campeau. Vaughn’s silky vocals are fondly reminiscent of Melanie Oxley and though Campeau appeared to be hiding in the shadows, his tasty guitar pickings were not left in the dark.

Then the very clever James Teague (W.A.) hit the stage solo with three enchanting songs and was later joined by his equally accomplished band. For me Teague’s songs conjured up all sorts of imagery from circus riots, western spaghetti moments and back to burlesque embellished forays. Having been a Fremantle musician a long time ago (circa John Butler’s solo emergence), I was pleasantly surprised to see the originality that still exists from the West Coast scene of Oz. James’ coyness on stage, when pushed to connect with the audience by his bassist, was in stark contrast to his potent falsetto and comfortability as front man. Though more particular in style you can not deny that James Teague band’s performance and music was impressive and entertaining!

I couldn’t help but feel though that most punters truly braved the bad weather just for MKB. They certainly delivered the goods all tied up in neat packages of beautiful melodies rich in delay, passionate and haunting vocals with evocative lyrics, smooth bass lines that at times converged into frenetic rhythms and beats that felt like the storm was brewing inside the venue, not just outdoors. The beauty of an MKB show is the flow from one song to another. It keeps you satiated because as one song finishes, you are left wanting more and then it starts all over again with the next song and you’re caught between relief and hunger again . Only this time the punters had their way. They managed to shout loud enough, and stomp their feet to get that one more song in the form of an encore. A first, I believe, from MKB!

But don’t just take my word for it, ask around or better still jump on this link for fresh, spanking new photos with a neat write up from Get Shot Magazine!

The next MKB gig can’t happen soon enough, but we’ll wait patiently while they hit the studio and give us something else to take home as well as the marvellous melodic memories!

Maxine Kauter Band Get Social!

Thursday 4 April is an important date. Kinda like the exciting date you look forward to knowing that you’re going to get to see your  “about-to-be” new lover in the flesh… (minus the clothes). The Maxine Kauter Band will similarly bare all when they play a special show at FBi Social and get all intimate with us when sharing every new song they’re about to record for their next album.

The die-hard fans, and there is an army of us in Sydney, already know why this is one gig we will not miss. The anticipation is already throbbing. For those who haven’t yet been introduced, while clothed, allow me.

Likened to Mazzy Star and Cat Power, Maxine Kauter Band have two releases to their name and have received national radio play for both. 2010’s Alibech the Hermit was named album of the week by Brag and earned them their second stint as a Triple J Unearthed feature artist.

Maxine Kauter BandGrowing up in Sydney’s southern suburbs during the grunge explosion of the 90’s left it’s mark on Maxine Kauter. To this day the independent spirit of that music has affected her and fuelled her unwavering self- determination. After a brief brush with a major recording and publishing company, she put together the Maxine Kauter Band and funded their recordings and tour herself. The band shared a love of pop-influenced music from the Throwing Muses, the Pixies and the Cowboy Junkies. I still think I hear a hint of Neko Case in Kauter’s distinct and drawn out sultry vocals. But this is the thing about MKB, each member is so exquisitely talented and focused on their role that you almost wonder how they still symbiotically connect on stage. Maxine, a noteworthy songwriter, croons her way through every show in a cool and unaffected manner despite her statuesque presence. Shannon Haritos, on double bass, is so casual that she could fool many that her accomplished and dexterous technique was something she picked up late last night after being inspired by some old jazz clip on youtube. Then there’s Stephen Beverley rolling around on the drums, every so happy and ever so freakin’ clever! Last but not least we have the humble yet perfect mix of a lead guitarist who know his instrument but doesn’t need to overshadow the song. Instead Peter Holz weaves soulful melodies and lead lines all around Kauter’s vocals and adds to the whole mesmerising experience.

What is it the fans love most, other than the incredible music? Their down to earth vibe. Maxine would never tell me this but I did my homework and found out some juicy stuff like they have supported Sarah Blasko, Lucie Thorne and Peter Fenton and played Peats Ridge, Mardi Gras and toured the East Coast. And this neat little quote:

“Heck i’m giving you 5. What a voice you’ve got! Way to effortlessly outshine all the other singer/songwriter tracks i’ve heard today, by like ten gaz…”- Nicole Cheek, triple j

So before I even tell you that the supports on the night include the talented “James Teague” (W.A.) and the ridiculously impressive “Speck” (Zoe Vaughan and Brian Campeau), I know I already have you looking for the link to buy tickets!! So here you go:


8PM Kings Cross Hotel, 48 William St, 2nd Floor, Kings Cross, NSW

Catch a glimpse now on You Tube!

Faye Blais – “She’s a truly global phenomenon…”

This is one show of Faye Blais’ I will always be grateful for experiencing. She was on fire and doing what she does best with such flow, passion and perfection!

Apparently I wasn’t the only one to be blown away. Blais earned herself a very neat review on Australian Stage”:


What a girl?!!!

Faye Blais duet with Genevieve Chadwick

Faye Blais duet with Genevieve Chadwick

CHICKS WITH PICKS EXTRAVAGANZA – after Fair Day Party Sun 10th Feb

Last year Hayley from Chicks With Picks and I got together to host a massive after Fair Day party at the Coopers Hotel. Everyone had so much fun that we couldn’t not do it all again in 2013!!

True to form, we have a hot line-up of female fronted acts, both local, interstate (Melbourne) and international (Canada)!!

So whack this baby in your phone with a reminder cos it’s going to be absolutely massive and still end early enough for work the next day:

SUN 10th Feb @ The Coopers Hotel, (stroll from Fair Day) 5pm – 10pm. And best of all it’s FREE!!

Leading ladeez with band mates:

After Fair Day Party - 5pm to 10pm @ The Coopers Hotel

After Fair Day Party – 5pm to 10pm @ The Coopers Hotel


FAYE BLAIS – with band (Canada)


JUNGAL (Melbourne)



“Lighting Fires” Oz Tour – Genevieve Chadwick + Faye Blais (Canada)

"Lighting Fires" Tour 2013

National Tour Dates – JANUARY NSW:
Fri 4th Jan – Sat 5th Jan Gulgong Festival, NSW
Thurs 10th Jan – Wickham Park Hotel, Newcastle, NSW
Fri 11th Jan – Florida Beach Bar, Terrigal, NSW
Wed 16th Jan – The Vanguard, Sydney, NSW
Fri 18th Jan – Sun 20th Jan Thredbo Blues Festival, NSW
Fri 25th Jan – Tomerong Hall, Tomerong, NSW*
Sat 26th Jan – The Commercial Hotel, Milton NSW*
Sun 27th Jan Ex Servos, Ulladulla*
Thurs 31st Jan, Oddfellows Hall, Yass, NSW*

*Blais only as Chadwick is in finals for Telstra Road To Discovery Comp at Tamworth Country Music Festival.

TOUR DATES FOR FEB, MARCH & APRIL UPDATED SOON!! Chadwick and Blais will be touring NSW, VIC and WA in FEB so keep an eye on this blog or join Facebook event: http://www.facebook.com/events/113684712133721/

When award winning Canadian folk darling FAYE BLAIS starts to sing her soulful songs, the chambers of the heart will be set aflame. Blais is endorsed by Australia’s Cole Clark Guitars and described as “Young, edgy, and powerfully present,… continuing the thread started by Joni, picked up by Ani and fashioned by Feist.”- Eaglewood Folk Festival, Canada
Blues/roots/rock sensation GENEVIEVE CHADWICK will add fuel to the fire with her outstanding guitar work, smokey vocals and passionate originals. Chadwick has the rare ability to captivate all in her presence and her exceptional talent has lit up audiences and critics alike “She’s the talent of John Butler, with the soul of Janis Joplin. A force truly to be reckoned with” – LOTL

Two ladies, one unforgettable fire!


Genevieve Chadwick “Yes You Did” film clip
Faye Blais – “The Ways I Love You” film clip